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payment method

Please read the following questions carefully before applying for VIP, and then pull to the bottom of the page to check the payment method and account number: Before you cooperate:

,不对信息发布后的效果及达到的成就做保证。 1.100 China Merchants Network is a simple corporate information publishing platform that only provides information publishing platforms . It does not guarantee the results and achievements after the information is released.
2. 100 China Merchants Network is a platform operated by regular enterprises. Any member publishing illegal information will stop member services.
3. The website membership service is time-specific and special. Once the 100 China Merchants website membership service is opened, no refund will be accepted on the grounds of unsatisfactory results.
4, 100 China Merchants Network customer service will not actively ask for a password from customers, do not tell anyone your password, our customer service has a dedicated background maintenance, does not require a member password
5, 100 China Merchants Network does not have any collection account other than the following account, please do not trust any criminals in the name of 100 China Merchants Network to allow you to pay to open services.

6. Post the release of prohibited products and false information in violation of relevant national regulations. Once the permanent seal is verified, no money will be returned!

7. Can I rank the top information after I add your website VIP to guarantee Baidu's inclusion?
A: We can only say that many members have good rankings and inclusions in Baidu, but our website does not promise what kind of rankings and inclusions your information will ultimately get, let alone how many businesses and orders you get after joining the VIP. In addition, due to the special nature of the industry, the information sent by members is similar, and there is a lot of duplicate information. We cannot guarantee that your information will be captured or ranked by Baidu after publishing. After all, there are only a few positions in Baidu ranking. Each member There are thousands of information released. If each one ranks first, where does Baidu come from?

8. I see that other customers' information ranks very well. Why is my information not included?
Answer: If you send information that other customers have already collected, Baidu believes that it has already been captured, so it will not be captured again. In addition, Baidu is getting smarter and can fully recognize your information. Some users add a few punctuation marks, Special symbols, or other simple descriptive text, consider information to be non-repeating and wrong. Such a change does not have any substantial changes to the indexing. Baidu can set or duplicate information. The logistics, steel and other industries are particularly duplicated, which may cause Baidu to not capture any of your information, even if it is not a single one. possible.

9. After joining the VIP of your website, can you help us optimize the information released in the background?
A: We only provide platform services. We cannot provide services that modify the information of customers to optimize, and there is not so much human and material resources. After all, the information released by each member is thousands.

10. Is there a large number of members in a certain industry in a certain city on your website?
A: We don't count the specific number of members in a certain industry or city, and it is difficult to do so.

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