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Condensing wall-hung boiler full premixed condensing wall-hung boiler original imported accessories 108 Guiyang Chengdu heating

Condensing wall-hung boiler full premixed condensing wall-hung boiler original imported accessories 108 Guiyang Chengdu heating

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Lu Haiqiang
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”价格、型号、厂家,请联系厂家,或给厂家留言。 The information on this page is for “Condensing Wall-Hung Furnace Full Premixed Condensing Wall-Hung Furnace Original Imported Accessories 108 Guiyang Chengdu Heating” product information provided by Zhongshan Ainoke Thermal Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., if you want to learn more about Mixed condensing wall-hung boiler original imported accessories 108 Guiyang Chengdu heating "price, model, manufacturer, please contact the manufacturer, or leave a message for the manufacturer.

Zhongshan Ainuoji Thermal Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides you with fully pre-mixed condensing wall-hung boiler condensing wall-hung boiler original imported accessories 108 Guiyang Chengdu heating. International pre-mixed condensing wall-hung boiler from the international manufacturer of Ainoki wall-hung boilers in Germany
★ Germany Ainoke full premixed condensing wall-hung boilers are in hot investment! Original imported configuration with energy saving, mute, environmental protection, 108-109% thermal efficiency
★ Germany Ainokki wall-hung boiler manufacturer
★ Germany Ainokki wall-mounted furnace full premixed condensing wall-mounted furnace, low-nitrogen condensing wall-mounted furnace, condensing wall-mounted furnace, module heating furnace, plate changer, casing machine, energy saving
★ Germany Ainoke condensing wall-hung boiler wifi products are remote control systems based on wifi technology. Mobile terminals can control the operation of the wall-hung boiler anytime, anywhere through the Ainokki app client.
★ Germany Ainoki wall-mounted boiler wifi intelligent control is more worry-free.
★ Germany Ainoki provides: full premixed wall-hung boilers, condensing wall-hung boilers, condensation module furnaces, plate changers, casing machines, engineering machines 18-50kw household wall-mounted furnaces, 100-1000kw commercial heating furnaces
★ Fully pre-mixed condensing wall-mounted boiler with thermal efficiency of 108%
★ Core components are imported from Europe
★ New listing, Italy imported condenser, sold simultaneously worldwide
★ Full premixed combustion technology, using a cylindrical burner made of high temperature resistant stainless steel to ensure combustion stability and performance
★ All series of products adopt domestic hot water plate heat exchange system
★ Ignition needles with a temperature resistance of over 1500 ℃ ensure that they will not deform or melt at high temperatures; the products are durable and have a design life of 15-20 years.
★ The original imported sit mixing chamber, variable frequency fan and gas proportional valve form a reliable air / gas control combustion system.
★ Optional indoor temperature controller, automatic operation according to the set temperature, energy saving and comfort
★ Smart wifi remote control, real-time monitoring of wall-hung boiler operation status, more convenient operation and management

The company's main: wall - hung boilers - gas wall - hung boilers - Germany Ainokki wall - hung boilers
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