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The factory supplies high-quality export-grade seaweed fertilizer

The factory supplies high-quality export-grade seaweed fertilizer

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”价格、型号、厂家,请联系厂家,或给厂家留言。 The information on this page is the product information of "Factory supply of high-quality export-grade seaweed fertilizer seaweed extract solution" provided by Tianjin Chensheng Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd., if you want to learn more about " factory supply of high-quality export-grade seaweed fertilizer seaweed extract solution" "Price, model, manufacturer, please contact the manufacturer, or leave a message for the manufacturer.

Tianjin Chensheng Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides the factory to supply high-quality export-grade seaweed fertilizer seaweed extract stock solution. Instructions for use of alginic acid raw materials
Using phyllophytes and kelp as the main raw materials, the international secondary low-temperature directional biological enzymolysis technology, membrane filtration and natural antiseptic technology are used to extract the natural active substances of seaweed that can be directly absorbed by crops, including: small molecule activity Oligosaccharides (≤2000da), natural free amino acids, phenolic polymers, mannitol, betaine, vitamins, natural minerals and natural plant growth regulators. It is currently recognized as the ideal core raw material of pollution-free, green and organic food in the world. At the same time, with the development of China's rural economy and the emphasis on the green environment, it is imperative to develop new fertilizers using alginic acid.
The main function:
This natural seaweed extract contains very rich material components, it can help plants build strong root systems, promote the absorption and utilization of soil nutrients, moisture and gas by plants; it can increase the vascular bundle cells of plant stems and accelerate water Transport of nutrients and photosynthetic products can promote plant cell division; delay cell senescence, increase plant chlorophyll content, effectively increase photosynthesis efficiency, increase yield, improve quality, and enhance crop resistance to drought, cold, and disease and insect stress Capacity; it can also improve soil structure and soil water retention capacity.
1. It can be used as the main agent or additive of foliar fertilizer, flush fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound (mixed) fertilizer, elementary fertilizer and biological fertilizer.
2. Direct flushing, foliar spraying and drip irrigation.
3. It can be used as feed or bait additive for animal husbandry and aquaculture.
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Phone: 17896300506, 0532 84688212, welcome your inquiries!
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