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Open a mask factory for mask bagging and sealing automation equipment

Open a mask factory for mask bagging and sealing automation equipment

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”价格、型号、厂家,请联系厂家,或给厂家留言。 The information on this page is provided by Shenzhen Mini Automation Co., Ltd. for your "Open a Mask Factory Mask Packing and Sealing Automation Equipment" product information. Model, manufacturer, please contact the manufacturer or leave a message for the manufacturer.

Shenzhen Mini Automation Co., Ltd. provides an automatic mask masking and sealing equipment for a facial mask factory. Shenzhen Mini Automation Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of facial mask equipment, facial mask production line, facial mask taking machine, facial mask folding machine

2-channel facial mask filling machine (mn-t202)

Machine characteristics
1. The whole machine adopts modular design for easy maintenance and easy adjustment;
2.It can automatically complete a series of actions such as bag removal, mask liquid filling, exhaust, sealing, date printing, and finished product output;
3. Imported electrical and pneumatic components are used to ensure the durability of the machine, and the touch screen operation is simple and clear;
4. Adopt pid intelligent temperature controller, with good thermal balance, embedded heat seal mechanism, clear heat seal lines;
5. The vacuum part adopts a vacuum pump, the vacuum pressure is stable, and the action is reliable;
6, can adapt to different bag types, easy to change the bag type adjustment

Packing bag size (mm) width: 100-180 height: 110-120
Air source: 0.6mpa;
Packaging materials: aluminum film, composite film
Power: 220v 1.5kw
Machine weight: 100kg
Filling volume ± 0.3g
Filling volume 5-40ml

Production process: automatic bag opening → bag opening → filling → sealing (with steel characters) → output → roller flattening (even liquid).
Filling heads: 2 filling heads.
Production speed: 2300-2600 bags / hour,
Bag width: 90 ~ 180mm.
Bag length: 120 ~ 220mm.
Sealing knife width 200mm

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