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Supply masking tape Southeast tape factory

Supply masking tape Southeast tape factory

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”价格、型号、厂家,请联系厂家,或给厂家留言。 The information on this page is the "Supply Masking Tape Southeastern Tape Factory" product information provided by Zhengzhou Southeast Tape Co., Ltd., if you want to know more about " Supplying Masking Tape Southeast Tape Factory" price, model, manufacturer, please Contact the manufacturer or leave a message.

Zhengzhou Dongnan Tape Co., Ltd. supplies and supplies masking tape Dongnan Tape Factory. Zhengzhou Southeast Tape Factory Production and supply of masking tapes, including normal, medium and high temperature masking tapes;

Brand: Southeast tape Model: Masking tape
Base material: Textured paper Custom processing: Yes
Whether double-sided tape: No Tear method: Hand tear
Features: Low noise, adhesive system: pressure sensitive adhesive
Elongation: 3% Width: Customizable
Scope of application: masking, pasting and fixing Color: color can be customized
Backing material: textured paper thickness: 0.13mmmm
Origin: Zhengzhou Size: can be customized

It is made of textured paper as the base material and coated with rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has the characteristics of good adhesion, good conformability, solvent resistance, good temperature resistance, and no residue after peeling.

Suitable for baking paint shielding protection, automotive spray painting, painting, decoration, general industrial shielding, ceramic capacitors, and various electronic parts and components manufacturing processes. Automotive and furniture spray painting and general painting masking processing, PCB board fixing drilling.

Specifications: Size and color specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Temperature resistance range: 50-260 ℃
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