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Stainless steel lotus lotus leaf sculpture lotus stainless steel sculpture processing factory

Stainless steel lotus lotus leaf sculpture lotus stainless steel sculpture processing factory

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An Shaoqiang
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”价格、型号、厂家,请联系厂家,或给厂家留言。 The information on this page is the product information of “Stainless Steel Lotus Lotus Leaf Sculpture Lotus Stainless Steel Sculpture Processing Factory” for you, if you want to know more about “ Stainless Steel Lotus Lotus Leaf Sculpture Lotus Stainless Steel Sculpture Processing Factory ” price , Model, manufacturer, please contact the manufacturer or leave a message for the manufacturer.

Xinle Hongjing Carving Factory provides stainless steel lotus lotus sculpture stainless steel sculpture processing factory. Stainless steel lotus lotus leaf sculpture lotus stainless steel sculpture processing factory
Waterlily perennial aquatic herb; rhizomes are hypertrophic. Petiole cylindrical, slender. The leaves are elliptic, floating on the water surface, entire, the heart of the leaf base, the leaf surface is dense green, and the back is dark purple. Leaf type II: floating water leaves are round or oval, the base is curved, heart-shaped or arrow-shaped, often without water leaves; submerged leaves are thin and fragile. Flowers solitary, floating or emerging from the water; four calyx, green; usually eight petals. The fruit is obovate and is about 3 cm long. The flowers are large and beautiful, floating on or above the water, blooming during the day and closing at night; sepals are nearly free; petals are white, blue, yellow, or pink, in multiple rounds, and sometimes the inner ring gradually turns into stamens; No appendages; carpels ring-shaped, appressed and semi-submerged in fleshy cupped torus, and partially healed in the lower part, the upper part extending into a style, the stigma indented into the stigma disc, ovules inverted, emerging on the inner wall of the ovary . The berries are spongy, irregularly cracked, and mature under the water; the seeds are hard, covered with colloids, have fleshy cup-shaped aril, small embryos, a small amount of endosperm, and a rich exoendosperm.
There are many types of lotuses, which are divided into two categories: ornamental and edible. Native to tropical and temperate regions of Asia, cultivation has been recorded as early as the Zhou Dynasty. The lotus is full of body, lotus root and lotus seeds can be eaten, lotus seeds, rhizomes, lotus roots, lotus leaves, flower and seed germs can be used as medicine. The character of the sewage sludge but not stained is praised by the world. "The leaves of the lotus are infinitely green, and the red lotus is different from the red" is a true portrayal of the beauty of the lotus. The noble character of the lotus, which is "straight through the outside and straight without spreading, without mud, without stains, and sorrow and cleanliness without demon," has always been one of the subjects of poets who sing the paintings.
We will wholeheartedly meet the needs of customers at different levels. We can use stone, stainless steel, copper materials to make abstract sculptures, large sculptures, portrait sculptures, animal sculptures, urban sculptures, etc., so that customers can obtain novel, chic and creative at affordable prices Design solutions and high quality services. We are self-produced and self-sell, no need to pass in the middle, the price is reasonable, small profits but quick turnover, we can undertake custom designs from your units, and help design planning patterns.
Over the years, our projects have spread all over the country. We are willing to work with you in the form of stainless steel sculpture to create a harmonious home in the city and add a beautiful landscape to nature.
When you contact us, please make sure that you see this information on 100 China Merchants Online, thank you!
Contact phone: 13731139252, 13731139252, welcome your inquiries!
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