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Nanning artificial turf, rainbow grass, sand filling grass, special offer

Nanning artificial turf, rainbow grass, sand filling grass, special offer

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Li Tao
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”价格、型号、厂家,请联系厂家,或给厂家留言。 The information on this page is "Nanning Artificial Turf, Rainbow Grass, Sand Filled Grass, Special Offer" product information provided by Guangxi First Line Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., if you want to learn more about " Nanning Artificial Turf, Rainbow Grass, Sand Filled Grass" , Preferential offer "price, model, manufacturer, please contact the manufacturer, or leave a message to the manufacturer.

Guangxi First Line Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. offers Nanning artificial turf, rainbow grass, sand-filled grass, and preferential prices. Sand grass can also be used in sports fields
1. Has good elasticity and sufficient buffering force, hydrophobic and breathable.
2, reduce maintenance costs, meet environmental protection requirements, can be recycled and reused.
3, reduce noise, have the role of shock and pressure reduction
Specifications: Grass height 25mm
Service life: 6-10 years
Scope of application: kindergarten, children's playground, etc.

Sand Filled Grass Features
The filling-free artificial turf has the functions of shock resistance, moisture resistance, and displacement prevention; at the same time, the service life of the turf is improved.
The grass is soft, with good uprightness, high decitex, good shock absorption effect, high density, thick and wear-resistant.
Specifications: Grass height 30mm
Service life: 6 years
Scope of application: school football fields, leisure places, etc.

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