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Foshan on-site installation of sliding awnings

Foshan on-site installation of sliding awnings

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”价格、型号、厂家,请联系厂家,或给厂家留言。 The information on this page is the product information of “Foshan On-site Installation Sliding Shed Activity Sliding Car Awning” provided by Jiangmen Xiangyue Construction Co., Ltd., if you want to learn more about “ Foshan On-site Installation Sliding Shed Activity Car Awning ” Price, model, manufacturer, please contact the manufacturer or leave a message for the manufacturer.

Jiangmen Xiangyue Construction Co., Ltd. provides Foshan's on-site installation of sliding awnings for sliding car awnings. The family dinner and reunion used in the activity sliding shed is a tradition we all have, and it is one of the ways that friends and relatives talk about their homes and relationships. On weekdays, many people leave their homes to work and live. Only in some traditional festivals and holidays can they return to their hometown to reunite, such as the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, and so on. When returning home on holidays, visits between relatives and friends are indispensable, and eating at the table is indispensable. But sometimes, if the home is not very spacious or there are too many guests, the embarrassing situation of not being able to get around the table may occur. When the weather is good, you may still be able to eat in the outdoor yard, but it is inevitable that there will be snow and rain. , The sun is too violent is not good. At this time, sliding sheds for home activities can come in handy.

Features and installation of sliding sheds

1.Using method: made of galvanized pipe, universal wheel is installed above the ground, so it can be stacked and pushed and pulled as a whole. It can be quickly and easily unfolded during use, occupying less space.

2. Good stability: The columns on both sides of the sliding shed are closely arranged, and a cross pipe is installed between the two columns to enhance its stability, which greatly improves the wind resistance and stability.

3. Durable: Because the materials used in the sliding shed are all galvanized steel pipes, combined with exquisite manufacturing technology, the service life of the shed is as long as 7 or 8 years. The fabric of the sliding shed is also made of thickened automotive canvas. Wear-resistant and anti-aging effect.

4. We promise that no matter which process will never miss a detail because of rushing to work.

5. The tenon joints are fixed twice with large screws, and the welding is more beautifully treated, regardless of appearance and material.

6. The beams are made of thick and thick galvanized steel pipes, which are welded firmly in the bare, so rest assured.

7. Galvanized pipe column, thicker and thicker, higher bearing capacity.

8.Using solid universal wheels, anti-friction, stable and high, the quality is firm and reliable.

Jiangmen Xiangyue Group's steel structure business department, Xiangyue Steel Structure Awning Industry produces all kinds of awnings, awnings, sliding awnings, outdoor advertising tents, telescopic booms, mobile tents, mobile awnings, civilian tents, construction tents , Warehouse logistics sheds, stalls tents, parking sheds, color steel tiles and other product series. Personalized customization, Xiangyue makes different tents.

The advantages of our Xiangyue tent industry: The tent frame uses galvanized steel pipes, which are suitable for different spans, provide higher configuration and better materials of the same level, and play a better anti-snow effect. The tarpaulin is made of PVC canvas, plastic-coated cloth, silicone cloth, waterproof canvas, fire-retardant and flame-retardant cloth, etc., which is anti-corrosive, rain-proof, sun-proof, and has a long service life.

The service tenet of Xiangyue Steel Structure is: the same price, our quality is excellent; the same quality, our price is low. Own factory, direct production, eliminate middlemen, quality assurance, and integrity management. In the same city area, free on-site measurement and installation services are available, and other national regions send logistics.
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