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Full premixed wall-hung boiler condensing wall-hung boiler module condensing furnace

Full premixed wall-hung boiler condensing wall-hung boiler module condensing furnace

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”价格、型号、厂家,请联系厂家,或给厂家留言。 The information on this page is "Full premixed wall-hung boiler condensing wall-hung boiler module condensing furnace Germany Ainokki wall-mounted furnace inverter energy-saving safe and reliable" product information for you, if you want to learn more Premixed wall-hung boiler condensing wall-hung boiler module condensing furnace Germany Ainoki wall-hung boiler inverter energy-saving safe and reliable "price, model, manufacturer, please contact the manufacturer, or leave a message to the manufacturer.

Zhongshan Ainoji Thermal Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides full premixed wall-hung boiler condensing wall-hung boiler module condensing furnace Germany Ainoji wall-hung boiler frequency conversion energy-saving safe and reliable. Germany Ainoki gas wall-hung boiler--em1 energy-saving intelligent series (The thermal efficiency reaches the European Samsung energy efficiency standard, saving gas and energy).
Thermal efficiency-up to 105%, European star energy efficiency standard, saving more than 15% of gas and energy compared to ordinary wall-mounted boilers.
Intelligent control, led screen shows the operating status of the boiler, free to set the heating start and shutdown time of the week, showing the quality of life.
The European-style minimalist design and slide-type operation panel create the perfect unity of aesthetics and practicality.
The core components are imported from Europe, and the quality is golden diamond, which can be trusted.
Ignition, combustion and working noise are extremely low, which will not affect your daily life and sleep.
Three-level anti-freeze protection function, fully automatic monitoring and protection in extreme cold weather, even in -40 ℃ weather, let you worry-free use.
20-layer self-inspection monitoring and protection functions such as temperature limit protection, water shortage protection, flameout protection, etc., to ensure the safety of your use.
Climate compensation function, automatically adjust the working condition of the wall-hung boiler according to the outdoor temperature difference, energy saving and more environmental protection.
Intelligent programming function, which can preset the startup and shutdown time within one week, and adjust freely and freely;
Ultra-quiet design, quiet and comfortable, running noise is lower than standard;
It integrates the dual functions of personalized heating and high-flow domestic hot water, and can be used freely.
Unique high wind pressure design, the weather can also ensure the safety and stability of the wall-hung boiler;
60 minutes constant temperature domestic hot water overtime protection, bathing more at ease;
Unique climate compensation function, automatic adjustment according to outdoor temperature, energy saving and environmental protection;
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