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Change batch 集成工略魏德米勒总线PCB板CH20MBUS4.50/05AU/250 Integrated engineering strategy Weidmüller bus PCB board CH20MBUS4.50 / 05AU / 250 贴片针座2.0、xh2.5mm弯针座JSTXH连接器 SMD pin holder 2.0, xh2.5mm curved pin holder JSTXH connector PCB板放置系列 PCB board placement series 大理宾川/EAA注塑2169、物性 Dali Binchuan / EAA injection 2169, physical properties 茶色高温胶带PI金手指单双面胶带kapton胶带 Brown high temperature tape PI gold finger single-sided tape kapton tape pcb线路板制造商 pcb circuit board manufacturer

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